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  1. Using a full hypothesis testing procedure, test the data in Data Set A to see if this randomly selected sample was drawn from a population that has a mean of 16. Use an alpha level of .05.

First, lets review the steps for hypothesis testing.

  1. State the null (H0)
  2. State the alternative hypothesis (H1)
  3. Select the alpha level
  4. State the rejection rule
  5. Compute the test statistic
  6. Make a decision.
  7. State your conclusion.

1. H0: μ = 16

2. H1: μ not equal to 16

3. Alpha = .05

4. Rejection rule: Reject H0 if |tcomp| > 2.0639


6. Because |0.6638| < 2.0639, we fail to Reject the H0:

  1. A one-sample t test was performed to determine if the sample came from a population with a mean different from 16. There was insufficient evidence to conclude that the population from which Data Set A was randomly drawn differs from a population that has a mean of 16, t(24) = 0.6638, p > .05.
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