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This site is intended to help individuals learn some elementary statistical procedures. This site is intended only as an aide to those taking a beginning statistical course, it is not itself an online statistical course. People looking for more advanced statistical techniques might have better luck checking out the Links section.


Description of Calculator Skills:

For many beginning students, learning how to use a calculator can almost be as difficult as learning the statistical concepts. On top of this, there is a lack of standards for calculators, so that the keystrokes to find an answer on one model of calculator may not get you the same answer on another, even if the same company makes both calculators. This section shows you how to use two different inexpensive calculators to calculate some common statistics. Instructions are given for a Casio 300W and for a Sharp EL-531R.

Using this site, you can learn, with very little effort, to use your calculator to calculate what would otherwise be difficult or tedious mathematical problems.


Description of Stats Using Excel:

This is a brief introduction in how to use Microsoft Excel (r) to solve calculate statistics. Three main topics are covered: Introduction to using Excel to solve statistical problems, using functions, and using the Data Analysis tool. Excel can by used to calculate descriptive statistics, t-tests, ANOVA, and regressions.


On Line Stats Program, WebStat, for those who do not have Excel:

This is a link to another site that will let you enter data then automatically calculate certain statistics for you, including summary statistics, t-tests, regression, ANOVA and more. You may want to use this even if you do have Excel.


Description of Stat Tutorials:

This section is under development. It will contain tutorials on scales of measurement, frequency distributions, measures of spread, and measures of central tendency.


Description of Links:

There are already a number of sites that have excellent directories of statistical sites. This section contains a few links to such directories. It also contains a link to an on-line stats textbook and the on-line statistics program.